Cebu Mountaineering Alliance Inc.

CMA is a non-stock, non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella organization for several mountaineering clubs in Cebu. V I S I O N: CMA envisions to have a communion of various mountaineers who are endowed with a passion for nature. M I S S I O N: Protection, preservation and promotion of environment. G O A L S: 1. To highlight mountaineering activity as a sport or hobby 2. To link with other NGOs for a noble purpose of environmental protection and preservation. CMA members are dedicated to the lofty aim of making a difference by rendering service in any field towards the attainment of its vision, mission and goals. CMA services are divided into: 1. Outreach activities 2. Linkages with other NGOs 3. Ecological awareness 4. Leadership & outdoor survival trainings
Outdoor Perspective Juana Osmena St., Cebu City, PH