Festival Schedules in Cebu

Cebu has a wide variety of Festivals and Events. Know what's happening and What to do in Cebu.

Camotes Cassava Festival

Tudela, Camotes Island

A yearly celebration of a bountiful harvest.

Ani-anihan sa Tabuelan


The town comes alive with merriment every June 24 as they celebrate the feast of their patron saint, St. john the Baptist.

Banig Festival


In celebration of Badian's Annual Fiesta, the festival showcases the Cebuano & Badianganon culture, tradition, delicacies and local products especially its famous "mats" (banig).



A feast in honor of St. James the Apostle celebrated with a street dancing and Barangayan

Cordova Dinagat Festival (Fishing Rituals)


The celebration honors the town's most prized source of livelihood - fishing.

Karansa Festival

Danao City

A thanksgiving festival in honor of the city’s patron saint, Sto. Tomas de Villanueva.

Sinanggiyaw Festival

The name Sinanggi-yaw is taken from two old Cebuano words, Sinanggi meaning abundance of harvested agricultural products of our farmers and Sayaw meaning dancee.

Halad Festival

Talisay City

In celebration of the feast in honor of Sta. Teresa de Avila, the city comes alive with activities such as trade fairs, nightly variety shows, civic parade and street dancing featuring the city's famous products like lechon, cooking demonstration and food fair with tastiest lechon contest.