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Cebu in Focus - The Cebuana Diva

For years now, Cebu has bring about abundance of world class singing
sensations with the likes of Pilita Corales, Dulce, Dessa, Vina Morales,
Verni Varga, Ana Fegi and Sheryn Regis. An addition to the roster of great
Cebu talents is Rochelle "Raki" Vega. Tagged as the "Ultimate Born Diva"
of which she won from a prestigious nationwide singing competition.

Her rise to stardom didn't happen overnight.Raki relates that she started
humming tunes at the age of two. "I would stand in front of the television
and mimic singers or performers I saw earlier and pretend it was my own
show for my family. I would use my mom’s comb or brush or even a
broomstick as a microphone and
everything was truly enjoyable for me." Raki then started joining church
choirs and amateur singing contests. She also became a music teacher.

To her, the biggest break came when she won "Born Diva". "It was a great
blessing for me because I was just this simple girl from Cebu who just
loved to sing and yet God deemed me that award."

After which, a lot of opportunities had opened. Raki had been busy doing
concerts, musicales/plays, singing theme songs for teleseryes and
endorsements here and abroad. She even had a concert with Ms. Pilita
Corales and Dulce. Raki said "Emerging as the Ultimate Born Diva, paved my
way to a lot of opportunities not only in career growth but more
importantly to be in the better position to touch people’s lives with my
music and prayer."

Raki just recently bagged the 22nd Philippine Awit Award's "Best
Performance by A New Female Recordig Artist" for the song Childhood (from
Love Life Album by Boy Abunda).

What's keeping her busy is the promotion of her first solo album
“Streisand Classics Performed by Raki Vega” which is already out in the

Raki Vega has proven that with real talent, respect for your roots and
faith in God can surely bring you places.

Cebu in Focus - The Cebuana DivaCebu in Focus - The Cebuana Diva

by: Kat Gonzaga
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    Comments on “The Cebuana Diva”

  1. Chiliann
    Bacolod City
    I like raki vega, she is so cool and modest.
  2. craig
    yes! maayo si raki, untana mahatagan pud siya og break sa
    TV sama nila sheryn, dessa, dulce ug uban pa... kay sa
    pagkakaron wala nako siya kaayo makita sa TV...
  3. allan
    New York, USA
    just discovered this COOL website...ill keep coming back!!!
  4. Mack T. Manx
    You forgot to list the two notable and venerated Divas: Amapola and
    Pilita Corrales.
  5. the legend...
    We don't see Raki on t.v. as much as we'd luck,but I think it's
    her choice. Maybe... I'm quite sure,she's happy with what she's doing right
    now... Stage plays,where she belongs... Incomparable ung experience sa stage

    Just too sad,I wasn't able to catch her sa Asian Academy when I studied
    there..hmp! Good Luck Raki!
  6. bryANT
    I love cebuano
  7. wyndel
    Queens, New York
    i hope raki cud perform here in qeens, a great fan of you raki! more
    power to you!!
  8. Maxine
    im proud to be a cebuana...
    Good luck Raki !!!
  9. Maricar
    She's one true and good person, still cool way back STC days. I'm glad
    to know she's happy and fulfilled with her singing career.

    Take care Rochelle!
  10. chef rian taboada
    noor alhasa K.s.A
    raki vega is my kababayan specifically from mandaue city.she has good proud to be a cebuanoe.basta bisaya sikat.god blees RAkI!
  11. gene
    cebu city
    i want to ask if naa ba nkabalo sa Title sa gkanta ni Raki pag Walk with Mama Mary, September 7, 2008 at the Archbishop's Palace... pls let me know. thanks a lot