Dried Mango

Best of Cebu - Dried Mango

Fancy eating something sweet and healthy? You might as well try Cebu's dried mangoes. The best tasting dried mangoes in the country, if not the world. This ripe, sun dried mangoes is good for snacks and desserts. It has a chewy consistency that makes its taste linger in your mouth. With its bite size, you can eat it wherever you are. At work, at the beach or in your house enjoying a bite with your love ones.

So if your yearn to eat something sweet and at the same time healthy, go to the nearest grocery and it would definitely satisfy your cravings.

    Comments on “Dried Mango”

  1. Yesterday, I tasted dried mangoes of cebu for the first time,my
    brother brought them from the philippines and I like them very,very much,I
    never ate such lovely things before,but I don`t know where I can buy them here

  2. I tasted dried mangoes last dec 18 when we have our educational trip
    in cebu and i like it very much its sweet and tasty. i bring pasalubong to my
    family and they like also

  3. Cebu Mangoes are the best in the world-- first class!!! I don't eat
    any other mangoes unless it's from Cebu. If you are in the States you can buy
    the dried mangoes from Costco,ok? They have them there but it sells quick so
    get tons of them. I love them myself... I can eat a whole package in one day!!!

  4. I love mangos too. Just go easy on eating dried mangos though because
    of the preservative - meta bisulfate. It's not good for you of course :-(
    Fresh Cebu mangos....the best.

  5. I love dried mangoes, am seeking information on processing of dried
    mangoes. Please kindly assist.

  6. my friend invited me to come at cosco,guess wat ! dried mango o man i lov it.frm cebu city wew m proud!!!

  7. ived tasted it many times already, the last one was during my flight to South Africa, we have dried mangoes on the plane and the taste is really good. My bf and his family likes the taste also...Can u pls give me your contact number? U can send it thru my email address coz my bf wants to export dried mangoes. Thanks!