Best of Cebu - Danggit

It is a salted dried fish that is best paired with hot rice and dipped in vinegar. Others prefer a mixture of vinegar and crushed chili peppers with a dash of salt. Others might want to add a little bit more of spices to enhance the flavor. Onions, garlics, ginger are some of the favorites. However it is done, the tastiness of danggit is magnified ten times when there's vinegar around. But with or without it, people still find them a very tasty treat for any meal at any time of day and at any physical condition - that is to say, whether one is hungry or not.

Dubbed as a poor man's food like any other types of dried fish, rich and poor alike love to eat this typical Cebuano delicacy. For the ultimate danggit experience, eat with your bare hands. Eating in bare hands is a Filipino way of showing humility. But setting humility aside, spoon and fork provides little assistance when eating danggit. If at all, it only makes the eating experience difficult. Setting aside man-made utensils is setting aside everything else just to enjoy a good meal of a bunch of good ol' danggit.

    Comments on “Danggit”

  1. Hmmm... well if it wasn't such a crime to cook danggit here in the
    states, i would love to have them in every meal that i eat. Too bad neighbors
    complain of the "foul" smell it leaves, but to a true bisaya, it's a smell
    that we've always grown to love and savour. I miss Cebu a lot and hope one day
    I'd be with her again.

  2. The danggit fish is truly Cebu's pride. I had the opportunity to visit
    the place particularly Tabo-an Market which it is called a "bagsakan". Here you
    will find different dried fishes, and squids which are even prepared in different
    kinds. You will be surprised to see a bounty of these dried fishes which are
    offered for sale in retail and whosale quantities.One may find the price
    expensive but it is worth it, most especially when it is already in your plate.
    From the research I've made, the fishes and squid are sun dried in Bantayan
    island, a three-hour boat ride from San Remigio, Cebu.When already processed, the
    bounty are delivered in Cebu City, particularly Tabo-an.

  3. I cook danggit in the house like once every month. what i do is i heat up
    the skillet and wait till the oil is really hot, then race outside and fry em bad
    boys outside the lawn. keeps the smell down in the house...

    danggit bay.

  4. Tabo-an, two kilometers from Metro Cebu City is a ?bagsakan? (bay area) of
    dried fishes and squids which are offered for sale in retail and wholesale
    quantities. Frequented by residents and local and foreign tourists alike, Tabo-an
    is also a place of Cebuano delicacies -- dried mango strips, and the equally
    famous otap, and rosquillo cookies.

    Considered Cebu?s pride and hub for sun-dried, salt-cured fishes which come in
    different sizes, Tabo-an is famous for danggit (siganid), pusit (squid), palad
    (small herring), hibe (shrimps), katambak (red snapper), dilis (anchovy), espada and
    the fish tapa and tocino. Arranged in pyramidal fashion and displayed in big
    baskets, these fishes can be left uncooked for half a year and still retain its
    unique flavor and taste. Some fishes processed unsalted, sweetened, and made spicy.
    Merchants from Luzon and Mindanao and even in the Visayas converged at Tabo-an, Cebu
    for these fishes.

    The different dried fishes are caught in the seas of Cebu and other neighboring
    waters of the Negros, Samar, Leyte and Surigao provinces but are processed and
    prepared in Bantayan island, a small island off the Cebu province, particularly in
    Madridejos. Also a similar industry is seen in Medellin and San Remigio, where the
    dried fish market has been thriving since then.

  5. I love this delicacy so much that I bought a portable electric stove
    so I can cook it on my backyard. Fortunately, I have a private fence that I
    can hide from while cooking it.

  6. very delicious.....my friend from cebu made for me...i fell in love
    with it.........

  7. Vorrei tanto avere il pesce DANGIT mi manca tanto questo tipo di cibo
    sopratutto quando tipico della VISAYAS

  8. Danggit!!! I miss eating it with rice and I can eat it everyday. This
    is the coolest site I have ever found about Cebu!!! You guys are the best!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  9. WoW!!! dangit is my favorate fish, and I love the dried fish too. I like
    to deep that with vinigar. hmm!!! I do miss them. someday, when i go back to
    cebu. I"m gonna eat dangit again with my hot rice. you like to share w/me?

  10. Sus...gimingaw lang ko sa danggit dah...its one of my fave ( u can ask my
    mama hehehe)..i wish i can eat danggit now as my pamahaw or breakfas

  11. hmmmm, Dangit really my appetizer i can eat plenty of rice if that is my
    viand., wish i could go back to Cebu.

  12. mga buyer jan kmi ay nag wholesale nang danggit..call lan kayu kong gusto nyo.341 1533

  13. I love Danggit! I could eat so many rice as long as it fits my rice cooker with only a few pieces of danggit and vinegar! yum yum =P