Best of Cebu - Ampao

The best ampao can be found in Carcar, located at the southeastern part of Cebu. Our own version of rice crispies, it is a white, sweet and crunchy treat sprinkled with peanuts. It is rectangular in shape and has a thick width that would require one to open up his mouth wider than usual, else he would not be able to get a good taste of it at all. Cooked rice is layed out in the sun to dry up, making it crunchy in the process. So you could say that every bite has a little bit of sunshine in them. A piece of peanut or two can be found somewhere around its thick body. I have to admit the taste of the peanuts goes very well with the sweetness of dried rice. I just wish they put more peanuts in it; most of the time I can only find two.

Aside from the ones found in Carcar, there are also ampaos for sale in sari-sari stores. These ones are round and smaller and comes in different colors from pink to green to yellow. It has its own distinctive taste that sets it apart from the original one. Little kids love these type perhaps because of the colors, or perhaps because of the stain it leaves to their lips and tongue. But old or young, everybody knows ampaos are for everyone.

    Comments on “Ampao”

  1. oh! i cant really help to prevent my saliva from flowing out of my
    mouth like a mad dog when everybody's talking about the ampao of cebu... i
    really like its crispiness matched with crunchy sprinkled peanuts!... its
    really great!

  2. i just want to know how many are ampao manufacturers including outside
    thanks a lot!! it would help us in our study..