Detached Band

Indie Experimental Rock
Cebu Band: Detached

DETACHED saw their beginnings in 2002. They assumed a hard rock,
in-your-face punk sound and added clever transitions to make a strange and unique
blend that gives much respect to artists like Henry Rollins, Muse, Chevelle, My
Vitriol and Jim Croce. The quartet is Michael Dinopol (vocalist and coincidentally
the younger and more angst-driven brother of John Dinopol of Urbandub), Jeffrin Daan
(guitarist), Bimbim Espeso (drums, former Daddy Divine, A-Blank) and Lyndon Daan
(bass). The band has moved around different circles, playing various gigs around
Cebu and has also delved in writing and performing original music. Their single
"Numbers" has gained decent airplay in Cebu's 93.1 Smash FM and Killer Bee 92.3
station. Today the band is going through an initiation that most Cebu bands have to
go through before gaining music success: the struggle to please the ear of the
South. DETACHED, however, remains unfazed about this obstacle. They write, they play
and continue to find various ways to get their music recorded and heard by those who
refuse to listen. The Cebu quartet is currently making songs on their upcoming album
"Numbers", with the tracks in their hands this should cement their position as one
of Cebu's rock acts. Marking a burning desire for rebirth after many ups and downs,
YUP!!! Detached means business this time around.....

Mike Dinopol - Wires
Lyndon Daan - 4 thick strings
Pardi Daan - Guitars
Bimbim Espeso - Drums