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Cebu Band: CATTSKI

CATTSKI is an artist based in the Philippine Islands with three albums
under her belt; Self-titled debut Album Cattski (2001), Vacuum My Inside (2004) and
the latest Sound Minds Speak Volumes (2009) all of which are self-produced. She's
known for her raw powerful voice and lyrical straightforward songwriting. Her tangy
cocktail of sounds, which are essentially guitar driven infuses pop, folk and modern
rock - gifted with a brilliant sense of inciting melodies. Cattski, a prose-weaver
of sort, utilizes simple words woven with refreshing insights that funnel through
basic human emotion leaving the listener to keep thinking even long after the music
has stopped playing. She is one of the country's highly regarded independent
musicians and songwriters today.

Cebu Band: CATTSKI
Cebu Band: CATTSKI
Cebu Band: CATTSKI