Bethany Band

Alternative Rock Arena
Cebu Band: Bethany

During the summer of 2008, three brothers had an idea for Christmas of that year. Instead of giving out regular gifts to their friends, the three decided to pool time, talent and treasure to come up with their attempt at a full-length

After writing material for around two to three months, they hit the studio to record 11 tracks. By December 23 of the same year, their first digital album - At Last! Our First, was made available online at their official multiply site. The best thing of all? it was an entire album given out for free.

Word spread out about the three-piece rock group that featured Luis Quibranza III on bass and lead vocals, his brother Angelo who's responsible for the intense guitar work, and younger brother, high school boy, Paolo at the drums.

They played their first gig ever August of 2009 at the UP Cebu Cookout, and by then, the brothers invited long-time friend and musician Jan Osbert Dela Cerna to fill in for bass for the live performances, while Luis handled rhythm guitars. This move helped the band achieve a fuller sound, yet still maintaining energy and rawness. As far as relationships are concerned, nothing changed, they were still a band of brothers.

The band in their ten months of playing around Metro Cebu, is beginning to make a name for themselves. Playing in events like the Visayan Music Festival, numerous album/organization launches, Midweek Sessions at The Outpost, and more recently, the Sonicboom Sinulog Blast off with big acts Urbandub, Hilera, The Ambassadors and Faspitch.

On late January of 2010, the band was invited to guest in RCTV's show, Tambayan Sa Outpost, Season 2.