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The Legend of Zorro (GP)
The child, who is refered to as little Joaquin, is clearly a boy. The confusion may have been caused by the baby's lacy sleepware, but that was the style of the period for all babies, regardless of sex. It has been six years since the last Zorro film. Now, he's back with an all new installment where he has been quietly settling with his own family in San francisco. His little boy, Jouqauin, is now 10 years old and contains no information of his father's secret life. When these angry tyrants come with plans of their own, Zorro is called upon to save the day against his new nemesis, Armand. Also Elena will be in mask as the try aspiring wife and new partner of Zorro.

Date Released : 2005
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Western
Director : Martin Campbell


  Gary Barber  executive producer
  Roger Birnbaum  executive producer
  John Gertz  co-producer
  Amy Lescoe  co-producer
  Laurie MacDonald  producer
  Walter F. Parkes  producer
  Lloyd Phillips  producer
  Steven Spielberg  executive producer


  Antonio Banderas  Don Alejandro de la Vega/Zorro
  Giovanna Zacarías  Blanca (as Giovanna Zacarias)
  Raúl Méndez  Ferroq
  Mary Crosby  Governor's Wife
  Catherine Zeta-Jones  Elena
  Alexa Benedetti  Lupe
  Adrian Alonso  Joaquin
  Pedro Armendáriz Jr.  Governor Don Pedro
  Michel Bos  Archduke Wilhelm
  Mar Carrera  Marie
  Nick Chinlund  McGivens
  Michael Emerson  Harrigan
  Tina French  Peasant Woman
  Shuler Hensley  Pike
  Rowley Irlam  Sneering Man
  David Michie  Burning Cowboy (voice)
  Hans Oellers  Baron Leopold
  Gustavo Sanchez-Parra  Cortez
  Rufus Sewell  Armand

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