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Cebu PH - For Sale: Food Waste Recycling Machine(Organic Waste Composter)

₱1.00 PHP

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Food waste compost machine line ,the production capacity include 100kg/day, 200kgs/day, 300kgs/day, 500kgs/day, 1000kgs/day ,2000kgs/day

Food Waste Recycling Machine is used to process the kitchen waste into organic fertilizer. It only need 24 hours to make waste profitable. The final product is organic fertilizer which could use for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. This machine could be feeded continuously.


This machine has many different models including different capacities from 100kg/day to 2000kg/day. So it could be used at home, restaurant,
hotel, school canteen and so on.


- Eco-friendly machine to turn food waste into organic fertilizer;
- Compact structure to take small floor area;
- Low noise to make it not bother people;
- Combination to make it high automation;
- Short process time to save production cost.

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