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otapOtap is an oval biscuit made of flour, sugar, shortening and the ever reliable coconut. Sprinkled with sugar, a careless bite of this fragile biscuit would send fragments of it flying to the floor. But it is not as scary as it sounds; though one have to admit that eating otap is an art by itself. Little children are often told to be careful when eating it, they are supposed to put one hand under their chin to catch the sugar and fragments that might break off from its thin mass. Even adults have to master the art themselves; careful to inhale a little at every bite to ensure no bits of sugar goes astray. The use of the other hand still proves useful at times, if only to avoid the ants from feasting upon the fragments on the floor; which would be a waste of treat. That, my friends, makes eating otap one adventurous eating experience.

Titay’s, one of Cebu’s oldest stores specializing in delicacies, is where one of the tastiest Otap can be bought. It can be reached by bus or by jeepney on the way to the Northern parts of Cebu.

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