Alkaline - Rnb, HipHop, Rap


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Influence/Genre : Rnb HipHop Rap
Year Started : 2005
Website : :

They Sing, they rap, they dance, they perform, and everythin else in

wE gIvE U whAt yO' wAiTinG fO', We hAve aRriVeD sO wAiT nO moRe,
wE cUt tHa LiNeS sO cLeAr tHa dOoR, ALKALINE iZ tAkiNg oVeR tHa fLooR.
GiVinG U sUm crAzY bEaTs, c'mOn gEt uP frOm yO' sEats,
GhEtTo rHymEs sTrAigHt fRoM tHa sTrEets, aNd NaStY tUneS tO mAkE eM' aLL cOmPleTe...

Alkali - Lead Vocals/Music Producer
Darcell - Lead Vocals/Rapper/Guitars
Maximus - Rapper
Mee - Female Vocals/Rapper
Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline

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