PRO chief to public: Report police abuses

PRO chief to public: Report police abuses

Iris Hazel Mascardo (The Freeman) – June 30, 2020 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  Following reports about alleged police intimidation incidents on social media, Police Regional Office (PRO)-7 Director Albert Ignatius Ferro has urged the public to formally file a complaint against police abuses.

“If those that have been abusive, just report it to us and we will surely conduct an investigation and we will impose disciplinary measures,” Ferro told reporters yesterday in a press briefing.

One of the posts that have circulated on social media about police intimidation was about an incident that allegedly happened in Guadalupe, Cebu City. In the post of an account under the name Robin Chua, he claimed that his brother was picked-up by a police officer at 2 p.m. on his way to an ATM machine.

The post further alleged that his brother, along with other people who were also picked-up by the police, was asked to change into a shirt that was used by everyone else. Aside from this, his brother reportedly also received foul words by the cops.

Ferro, on the other hand, said the cops, prior to their deployment, were being indoctrinated about basic respect and humanitarian act.

“We are being guided by the police operational procedure, we are guided by the basic criminal procedure.  So, kanang mga excesses isumbong ninyo sa amoa at we will act on it,” Ferro said.

He added that they will not tolerate abusive cops and emphasized that they cannot fail the people in times of the pandemic.

“We cannot fail that your protector will be your prosecutor, will be your abuser,” Ferro said.  GAN (FREEMAN)



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