ECQ violators to lose cash aid

(The Freeman) – April 18, 2020 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  Residents who are caught in drinking spree and illegal gambling face the risk of not getting any assistance from the government during the enhanced community quarantine period.

President Rodrigo Duterte has directed the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to conduct an investigation into the reports that some local residents use their cash amelioration to gamble and engage in drinking sprees while the entire Luzon is under lockdown.

Those found guilty of violating quarantine rules would have to be delisted from the official list of people benefiting from the government’s social amelioration program, the President said in his televised speech last Thursday evening from Malacañang.

“Now, these local government units, I’d like the DILG to investigate who were cockfighting, and engage in drinking sessions,” Duterte said.

If one engages in gambling and drinking, Duterte said, that means they have money so the government does not need to provide for their needs.

“Do not expect any help from me. I will just say, you know, there is none. So, sorry. If you have money to spend for cockfighting and to buy liquor, I will just look for others who deserve (the subsidy),” he said.

Duterte said the government has been trying to look for means to sustain the funds to be able to provide relief and cash subsidies for the people, and yet some people tend to take these for granted.

“There’s not enough to go around. Hindi talaga magkasya. We are getting low sa supply ng pagkain na. Ilang araw na ‘yan buong Pilipinas pinapakain mo, 18 million families. Sa isang pamilya ilagay mo na lang apat, lima. Eh ilang bunganga ‘yan,” he added.

Since the lockdown order last March 14, the administration has allocated some P200-billion to give fund the subsidies for 18-million families coming for low-income households.

“You should use government assistance in the proper ways,” Duterte said.

Duterte also gave a fair warning to barangay officials and local officials who are found to be pocketing funds intended for distribution to their constituents.

“Now, for those people who are identified by the barangay captains and the mayors who are violating the quarantine, pasensiya ho kayo. Help would not… Eh kung ganun may pera pala eh,” he said.

Hospitals to also face probe if they Refuse patients

Meanwhile, Duterte also called on hospital administrators to ensure that people who are seeking medical treatment are not turned away during this time of crisis.

He was exasperated over reports that reached his office that a patient was turned away by nine hospitals recently.

Duterte directed the Department of Health to conduct a probe to determine the liability of the said hospitals for violation of laws.

“(There were) Nine hospitals who refused to accept patients. And therefore, we are calling — not after the COVID crisis — but I’ll be asking today the Department of Health to start the investigation. And I’m sorry but, you know, there are rules to be followed,” the President said.

Duterte told hospital owners and officials to find ways to expand or even build tents to accommodate all patients.

”You have to fund ways on how to deal with the problem because you are a hospital,” he said. — Philstar News Service, FPL (FREEMAN)



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