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Six arrested for ‘social distancing ’violation post bail

Six arrested for ‘social distancing ’violation post bail

(The Freeman) – April 12, 2020 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Six persons earlier arrested by police for allegedly violating the order on social distancing gained temporary freedom after posting bail.

Elements of Liloan Police Station arrested them last April 4 for allegedly “willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously fail(ing) to observe social distancing from each other, by gathering together for purposes of conducting tigbakay.”

Three of the accused were said to be inside the staff house of Leonardo Transport compound in Sitio San Antonio, Barangay Jubay, Liloan when PSSg Kenneth Perocho, PSSg Nick-Hell Tabasa, PSSg Wilfred Distrito and PCPL Jerson Libut-libut arrived.

The policemen entered the Leonardo compound allegedly without any search or arrest warrant.

Prior to the incident, Renan Fuentes Monterde and Jenard Salgado were preparing lunch while Marlon Lobgoban Leonardo, a brother of the Leonardo Transport owner, arrived a few minutes later after buying medicines.

There were reportedly no fighting cocks around, no crowd gathering for a tigbakay nor any other form of gambling. But the four policemen accused the three of committing tigbakay and arrested them.

The policemen also reportedly arrested Santini Lizardi, Jerome Castro Molina, and Alejandro Abaton Dalmacio who were inside the gate of the compound across the Leonardo compound.

A CCTV installed inside the compound where Lizardi, Molina and Dalmacio were arrested showed there was no crowd gathering for a tigbakay.

“The policemen were apparently illegally trespassing and committed illegal arrests,” said lawyer Yedah Ylanan.

The Leonardo family lamented that policemen committed such act at the height of the enhanced community quarantine, claiming that they illegally used quarantine guidelines to arrest the accused.

The accused posted bail last April 7. LPM (FREEMAN)


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