LTO-7 backs habalhabal regulation

LTO-7 backs habalhabal regulation

Gregg M. Rubio (The Freeman) – January 10, 2020 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — The Land Transportation Office-7 is supporting the Cebu City government in its move to regulate the operations of motorcycle taxis or habalhabal because of insufficient public transport system.

LTO-7 Director Victor Caindec said those who are against the regulation of habalhabal operations do not understand the social context of the issue. 

During the Kapihan sa Sugbo last Wednesday, Caindec cited the moratorium in the issuance of franchises to jeepneys and taxis nationwide as one of the reasons why there is lack of public transport in Cebu.

Since the moratorium, Caindec said the volume of passengers have rapidly increased following the fast growing economy in Cebu City and in Metro Cebu.

“Nagkadaghan ang tawo, nagkapaspas ang development sa atoang siyudad, pero ang imong available capacity wa nausab. Nagkadaghan ang tawo sa siyudad pero ang atong public transport gipugngan hinoon,” Caindec said.

The reason for the moratorium was to prevent traffic congestion brought about by jeepneys and taxis. However, Caindec said the low downpayments scheme of motor vehicles, including motorcycles contributed to more traffic congestions.

“Nganong mosugal man ang tawo og palit og motor, kay wa siyay option. Karon kay maggukod man siya sa binuwan sa iyang motor, mao na nga maghabal-habal nalang siya,” he said.

In 2019, Caindec reported 23 percent growth in the registration of motorcycles.

He said that their initial numeration as of December 2019, there are 17,000 motorcycles used to transport passengers in Cebu City.

“Ang akong pangutana sa katawhan nga nasuko nga gibuhat ning habal-habal nga initiative pag-regulate, 17 mil ka habal-habal mohatud lang og duha ka pasahero kada adlaw, unsaon pag-uli anang 34 mil ka tawo, asa man na nimo pasakyon?” asked Caindec.

He added that these 17,000 habalhabal drivers also have to feed their own families.

“Wa sila kasabot nga ang social context sa pag-isyu ining habalhabal dili siya about sa isyu of transport regulation alone, it is a social problem nga wala atimana sa pila na ka tuig , dili LTO ang problema, a matter of efficient public transport, we have not given people efficient public transport system,” Caindec said.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella recently signed Executive Order (EO) 36, which establishes the Cebu City Motor Riders Community Welfare Office (CCMRCWO), not to legalize their operation but to regulate it.

Labella said the purpose of the issuance of the EO is for the sector to catch the attention of the government.  FPL (FREEMAN)



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