Budget exec need to wait for next year to get salary

Lorraine L. Ecarma (The Freeman) – December 24, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Former Cebu Provincial Budget Officer Danny Rodas may have to wait until next year for his appointment case to be settled.

It can be recalled that Vice Governor Hilario Davide III, during the first deliberation for the 2020 annual budget, pointed out that the budget did not include salary appropriation for Rodas.

During his term as governor, Davide had reinstated Emee Gingoyon as head of the Department of Budget. Gingoyon did not heed to the reinstatement which resulted to Rodas’ promotion as head.

However, Rodas signed an undertaking which required him to return to his previous post as assistant head in the event that Gingoyon agrees to the reinstatement.

With Gingoyon back as the Provincial Budget Officer, Roads is expected to assume his previous position but no appointment has been made for him yet.

According to the personnel in the Provincial Budget Office, Rodas has been reporting to work since Gingoyon’s return as head.

Rodas reportedly has not been receiving his salary since July of this year.

The provincial government has forwarded this case to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and was awaiting for a resolution to know how to go about the matter.

Recently, the CSC referred Rodas’ case back to the province, saying it can be resolved through the grievance committee.

Rodas is on break since Dec. 20. There is no information yet as to when his case will be discussed and when a decision will be released. (FREEMAN)




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