Passengers told: Watch your valuables

Le Phyllis F. Antojado (The Freeman) – December 22, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  The management of the Cebu South Bus Terminal is reminding the public to keep an eye on their belongings while they are within the terminal’s premises waiting for their ride back home this holiday season.

CSBT manager Carmen Quijano made the call after terminal personnel recovered many items supposedly left by the passengers at the facility on Friday.

Among these items were clothes, wallet, bags, and other stuff, which are now under the safekeeping of the terminal management as their owners could not be ascertained.

Quijano said that the “no ticket, no entry” policy continues to be in force at the terminal, and is, in fact, effective.

“Naay mga baggage didto nga nahabilin. Og wala pa na ang ‘no ticket, no entry,’ what happened was daghang mga butang nga nangawagtang. Naay mga sapatos, diaper, pagkaon (There were many pieces of baggage left. If the policy was not in effect, many of these items may have been lost. Some of these items were shoes, diapers, food),” said Quijano.

She also urged the passengers to travel lightly, that is, to not bring unnecessary luggage for their own convenience and to contribute to maintaining order at the terminal.

“Reminder lang nako to all passengers nga dili magpalabi og dala og baggage kay lisod kaayo. Hilabina nga bringing children ay lisod kaayo unless og sayo ka mopauli (We are reminding our passengers not to take many items with them because it will be very inconvenient. Traveling with children are discouraged, especially during peak hours),” Quijano said.

The CSBT management is also encouraging the public to travel as early as possible as the volume of passengers at the terminal is expected to further surge in the run-up to the actual holidays.  JMD (FREEMAN)



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