Police spread cheer at caroling checkpoint

Police spread cheer at caroling checkpoint

Iris Hazel M. Mascardo (The Freeman) – December 13, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Personnel from Cebu City Mobile Force Company (CMFC) conducted a “checkpoint” along Sanciangko Street yesterday afternoon. However, it was not to root out security threats, but to sing Christmas carols and give gifts to public transportation drivers.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Korret, Deputy Director for Operations of the Cebu City Police Office, said that is the second year they have conducted Christmas caroling in the streets.

This year, the CMFC involved Criminology students of University of Cebu to participate in their activity to also encourage them to pursue their PNP service, said Korret.

During their “checkpoints,” Korret said that they temporarily suspended their guidelines and serenaded the drivers and vendors with Christmas songs and gave them gifts.

Korret said they did this to celebrate the holiday season with the workers and also to showcase that the PNP personnel are not just people who uphold and enforce the law, but are also people who share their blessings with others.

He said they also want to make this caroling and gift giving a yearly tradition.

Among those serenaded was a vendor couple selling coconuts and coconut juice in their pushcart. As they passed by the area, one of the CMFC personnel approached them and instructed them to park their cart by the side of the road to “answer a few questions.”

Confused, the couple obliged with instructions. However, after they parked their cart, a group of Criminology students along with the other CMFC personnel wearing Santa Claus hats, appeared and immediately sang them a Christmas song.

The woman later said she was terrified when one of the policemen approached them. However, she said she was surprised and thankful when she realized that she was being serenaded and given several gifts.

Meanwhile, aside from the CMFC, personnel of the San Nicolas Police Station also conducted their own checkpoint and caroling along V. Rama Avenue in Barangay Calamba. (FREEMAN)



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