More than 100 guns seized in two weeks

More than 100 guns seized in two weeks

Iris Hazel M. Mascardo (The Freeman) – December 13, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — The Cebu City Mobile Force Company (CMFC) has confiscated more than 100 firearms in three separate operations conducted in mountain barangays since the last week of November.

In the latest operation conducted last Wednesday, the CMFC was able to confiscate 14 pieces of loose firearms, most of these were .38 revolver, in Cebu City’s mountain barangays.

The loose firearms were voluntarily surrendered by its owners, according to Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Korret, CMFC Chief.

Since August, the CMFC was able to retrieve 306 loose firearms already.

Korret also said that his target baseline is to confiscate at least 500 loose firearms in every six months.

“Sa computation ko kasi, nag-set ako na at least na 500 pieces ang ma recover.  So, parang medyo malapit na naming ma-reach yong 500,” Korret said.

Korret was appointed to head the CMFC in August.

In consideration with the rules on recovered firearms, Korret said that they will possibly wait about five years to be able to destroy these. He, however, emphasized that the recovered firearms will not be used again.

Korret added that their operations will not just be focusing on the mountain barangays and clarified that it is only their starting point as their operations will eventually descend from the mountain barangays going to the urban barangays.

In fact, their operations have now reached Barangays Mambaling, Guadalupe and Sambag.

Korret pointed out that they were able to recover numerous firearms in the mountain barangays, since it is allegedly easier to hide those firearms there compared to the urban areas.

“Yung mountain barangays kasi yon yong mga daanan ng mga rebels. Ang mandate kasi ng CMFC is to conduct border control.  So, pag hindi namin dinis-armahan yung mga tao dyan, baka kami ang ma-ambush,” Korret said, emphasizing that they are only clearing out the possible exit and entrance of lawless elements.

Finally, Korret said that most of the firearms confiscated were not involved in any crimes, according to their background checking. (FREEMAN)


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