Sinulog Festival: All events to go thru new board

Sinulog Festival: All events to go thru new board

CEBU, Philippines — All activities that Cebu City will undertake in the upcoming Sinulog Festival will go through the newly-created Cebu City Sinulog Governing Board (CCSGB), this according to the group’s officers yesterday.

“Tanang mga coordination sa Sinulog goes to the governing board… All activities are under the governing board (Coordination during the Sinulog will go through the governing board… all activities are under the governing board,” said the board’s member, designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

He said activities prepared by the governing board do not need the approval of the long-existing Sinulog Foundation, Inc. as CCSGB will serve as the regulatory board that will oversee SFI and its executive committee. The board also has the right to review and approve all resolutions and actions of the SFI’s executive committee.

This is contrary to the statement of Vice Mayor Michael Rama, former SFI chairman, that all activities presented by CCSGB for the Sinulog should be approved by SFI.

Cobonpue said, however, that SFI is the one responsible for the funds.

“The SFI is the one that controls the money,” he said.

CCSGB Executive Director Barney Borja also said the governing board is coordinating with SFI for the event preparations.

“We are working hand-in-hand with SFI,” Borja said.

Last October 29, Rama stepped down as SFI chairman after reportedly getting snubbed by the CCSGB in the preparations for Sinulog 2020.

But the CCSGB said Rama’s resignation will not affect the Sinulog 2020 preparations since the board has the full support of the foundation and its executive committee.

Film contest remains

Meanwhile, CCSGB project director Val San Diego said the short film contest will not be removed from the Sinulog activities.

He said the governing board only decided to add vlogging to make the contest relevant to the new generation and to attract more international vloggers.

To recall, many netizens expressed their disappointment after the governing board announced on its first meeting on October 24 that the short film contest will be replaced by a vlogging contest.

New activities

The new Sinulog activities include Sinulog sa Palaboy; Drum the Beat, Beat the Drum; Sinulog Market Street Fair; Entertainment from National TV stations at the Cebu City Sports Center, Plaza Independencia, and Fuente Osmeña; Highlight on Pintados; and family oriented activities like Family Strong Man and Duathlon.

The CCSGB has four goals for Sinulog 2020: to re-brand Sinulog as a fun-filled family oriented celebration focusing on new trends; to re-establish Sinulog as the foremost and most sought-after festival in the Philippines; create awareness to the new generation on the historical and religious relevance of Sinulog; and instill emotional attachment to the Sinulog Festival.

“What we are doing here is repackage it, give more meaning to the festival being a part of fiesta señor celebration of Cebu. This is a fiesta for Cebuanos,” San Diego said.

“We look forward for a fruitful and more religious Sinulog festival next year,” he added.

The governing board promised a well-coordinated installment of the festival as it carries key organizations under its wing, including the SFI, Philippine National Police (PNP), Department of Education (DepEd), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Department of Health (DOH), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino. (FREEMAN)


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