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Most Paglaum scholars flunk

Most Paglaum scholars flunk

Gregg M. Rubio (The Freeman) – October 26, 2019 – 12:00am

Cebu, Philippines — More than half of the Capitol’s Paglaum scholars reportedly failed to get the 75 percent passing grade requirement, which only strengthened Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s move to review the program started by the previous administration.

Garcia said the data only shows the quality of the so-called scholars under the said program.

Earlier, the governor ordered the assessment of academic performance of Paglaum scholars before deciding whether or not the beneficiaries will continue to receive subsidy from the province.

The Paglaum Scholarship Program initially has 2,000 beneficiaries.“Pagkakaron ang nahabilin mga 500 nalang, meaning all the rest ni-flunked,” said Garcia.

She said that of the 500 beneficiaries left, around 280 to 300 have already graduated.

“Just to give you a clear picture on the quality or non-quality of these Paglaum scholars, maski 75 nalang gyud ang gipangayo, wa pa gyud kaabot ang two-thirds of that,” Garcia said.

About 80 of the remaining scholars are graduating next year. Garcia assured that the Capitol will cover all their payables. As for the rest of the Paglaum beneficiaries, Garcia said their maintaining average will have to be evaluated by the Province of Cebu.

She said scholars must earn the subsidy from the government by maintaining a high average. Garcia has decided to set the bar by increasing the criteria in order not to waste the money of the Cebuano people.

Scholars under the new academic standards set in the proposed Cebu Province Grants Intended for Tertiary Students (CP-Gifts) must maintain a general average of at least 85 percent.

Garcia believes that the Paglaum Scholarship Program of the previous administration was born out of a specific political agenda. She recalled that even on the last days of the previous administration, the committee that screened Paglaum scholars still accepted beneficiaries.

The Paglaum program began in 2016 under the administration of then governor and now Vice Governor Hilario Davide III and was instituted by the office of then vice governor Agnes Magpale. FPL ( FREEMAN)


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