Vice governor ‘uncomfortable’ with outsourcing

Vice governor ‘uncomfortable’ with outsourcing

Lorraine L. Ecarma (The Freeman) – October 16, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu Vice Governor Hilario Davide III admitted he is “not comfortable” with the outsourcing scheme for the staffing of district and provincial hospitals in Cebu.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has reintroduced the outsourcing of Capitol personnel which she started during her previous administrations.

“I’m glad that usa sa iyang mga priority ang hospitals, but, ang usa diha nuon nga tan-aw nako nga wala kaayo ko ma-convince, di kaayo ko komportable ang pag-outsource sa medical personnel,” Davide said.

According to Davide, the main reason why he opted to directly hire job order and contract of service medical specialists during his term as governor was to assure quality of service.

Davide said he has been hearing complaints from doctors in the hospitals as well as seeing posts on social media about this move by Garcia.

“I heard complains nga tungod atong pagkawagtang sa mga JOs, nga pagkawagtang sa mga doctors in some hospitals nga nakompromiso ang health services nato kay dunay mga pasyente nga wala maatiman. Dunay mga relatives, families of patients that complain na kulang sa doctor,” Davide stated.

Davide, however, said he respected the governor’s decision to outsource personnel. He said he is sure that this move by Garcia was taken after careful study.

“Of course, we respect her prerogative. That’s her prerogative, mao man na ang polisiya sa Governor,” he said.

Just this month, the Capitol outsourced 443 medical employees and 359 non-medical and clerical employees from winning bidder LBP Services Inc.

This move, according to Garcia, was to do away with “unnecessary” labor and to save millions on public funds spent for excess personnel. (FREEMAN)


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