Policemen enhance skill in probing, detection

Policemen enhance skill in probing, detection

Iris Hazel M. Mascardo (The Freeman) – October 8, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — To upgrade its investigation service, the Philippine National Police yesterday discussed strategies during the forum on the Directory for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) yesterday.

“Our basic purpose is to conduct on what we call validation. Validation is a program of the directory for investigation and detective management to essentially cascade policies,” DIDM Head Elmo Francisco Sorona said.

Sorona added that DIDM is also one way for the PNP to enhance their system to get the true crime picture during the investigations.

With the number of unsolved crimes in the country, Sorona said they are now trying to maintain their ‘uptrend’ in the crime clearance solutions as well as their deficiency and concerns.

He emphasized that the common problems the PNP is facing during investigations include some policies that may not be that clear to understand to the people on the ‘ground.’

“And so it is the basic reason why we are here to make sure that we have the same interpretation as for the policies that we sent out from the national headquarters,” Sorona said.

The marching orders that Sorona gave out for the PNP is to implement the policies that emanated from the National Headquarters.

“But as of now, I don’t see any problem considering that our regional director, Police Brigadier Debold Sinas, is always upfront as far as the implementation of these policies,” Sorona added.

The goal as well of the validation is to consider all policemen a competent investigator along with the skills and training provided under the DIDM.

As for the general assessment of the PNP’s investigation level, Sorona said the policemen’s skill in crime solutions has evolved since 2016.

Sinas has organized the event that was participated in by the different police city directors and station commanders of the Province of Cebu. (FREEMAN)



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