Argao town doctors ‘quit’ amid outsourcing

Argao town doctors ‘quit’ amid outsourcing

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has ordered to investigate the alleged resignation of doctors at a province-run hospital in the southern Argao town following the move of the Capitol to outsource all entry-level personnel.

Garcia made the remarks after receiving reports that doctors at Isidro C. Kintanar Memorial Hospital have allegedly stopped reporting on the heels of the decision to outsource.

The outsourcing of hospital personnel was introduced under Garcia’s administration in an effort to cut down on costs. In the previous administration, the hospital workers were under the payroll of the Capitol.

In an interview over dyLA radio station, Dr. Stanley Caminero, former mayor and a prominent doctor in Argao, confirmed that some medical personnel in the hospital relayed to him their concerns on the lack of doctors in the facility.

Caminero said he talked to one of the doctors assigned in the hospital and the latter reportedly promised to return to work.

But the doctor, he said, aired his gripe over the disparity of the salaries between when they are hired directly by the provincial government and when they are under an agency.

Dr. Christina Giango, chief of the Provincial Health Office, said the hospital is attended by at least three doctors.

She said that one of physicians reports at night. The second was bound to report only until September 30 this year as he was under a contract as a job order worker who was not included under the new outsourcing arrangement.

The third, meanwhile, allegedly resigned and, in fact, “walked out” last Wednesday.

The PHO declined to name the doctor.

Giango, however, said she has sent a team to the hospital to conduct an investigation after learning of the incident.

The governor said the walkout incident should be looked into.

“Kanang ni-walk out, I don’t know unsay iyang gi-walk out-tan. If ni-presume siya nga apil na siya sa service provider as a doctor, meaning gi-assume na to niya nga responsibility… unya kung ni-walk out siya at the time she already assumed the responsibility, then she could be liable kay duna baya na siyay Hippocratic oath. You cannot just walk out. So (there will be) full investigation of what happened,” Garcia said.

Caminero, in the same radio interview, said he learned that from a monthly salary of P70,000, the doctors will now get less than P50,000.

“Dako kaayo’g deperensya ang ilang take home pay (There’s a big difference in their take home pay),” he said.

Caminero clarified that he does not know the exact figures, though.

Garcia explained that although the doctors will receive lesser salary under the outsourcing scheme, they are still entitled to other benefits under the law.

“I already gave instruction gyud when we computed para sa atong outsourcing, nga we cannot put it at the same rate as kining atong regulars, kay 4th tranche na gud ni, taas na kaayo sa nga tanan. Kun magpa outsource ta, since they are not regulars, we will peg it on the 2nd tranche,” Garcia said.

“However, ang dako diha nga advantage nila kay katong JO (job order) pa sila, sure taas taas ilang nadawat pero wala pud silay benefits, wala silay GSIS, wala silay PhilHealth, walay mga leaves. Kini karon as outsourced personnel, they will be covered by SSS, duna na silay PhilHealth, duna silay service incentive leave with pay, all the benefits under the Labor Code,” she added.

Under Resolution No. 141 of the Bids and Awards Committee that recommended the hiring of LBP Services Corporation, those with designation of medical specialist 1 are entitled to receive P67,243.34 every month.

A medical officer 3 worker will get P61,799.12 while a medical technologist 1 and nurse 1 are entitled to P28, 262. 53 monthly.

Under its contract with Capitol, LBP Services Corporation will provide manpower services and look for personnel for vacant positions.

The Capitol started outsourcing all entry-level workers last October  1. — JMD (FREEMAN)


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