MCWD: Private wells help meet water demand

MCWD: Private wells help meet water demand

Mary Ruth R. Malinao (The Freeman) – October 2, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — The Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD) has admitted it cannot provide enough water supply in Cebu City as of the moment, but the lack is satisfied by private wells.

John Maculinta of MCWD said that the supply secured by MCWD is around 233,300 cubic meters per day while the estimated demand is around 533,000 cubic meters.

He added that the gap doesn’t mean that some areas do not use water anymore. There is still a water supply but not from MCWD, he said.

Based on MCWD estimate, almost 270,000 cubic meters come from the private wells not controlled and operated by MCWD.

Maculinta said that some of the factors that affected the high demand of water supply are overpopulation and the many business opportunities in the city.

Meanwhile, the groundwater source is severely compromised, said Maculinta.

It is already contaminated, he said, so only limited amount of water can be acquired from it.

“Napugos ang MWCD nga pawungon ang some groundwater sources,” said Maculinta.

The thrust of MCWD Board now is to secure water supply is to maximize all the available streams.

“Kung pwede nato ni siya ma-tap as soon as possible,” said Maculinta.

Another option is to make use of the seawater. This is where desalination, or the process of removing salt from seawater, may be used.

“Desalination is a desperate move and we are now in a desperate situation,” said Engr. Maria Nenita Jumao-as of the University of San Carlos-Water Resource Center (USC-WRC).

Jumao-as said that seawater is the biggest supplier of potable water in the entire world.

She said: “Everyday we see a very natural desalination plant. That is when the seawater evaporates,  turns to clouds, and produces rainfall.”

Maculinta, meanwhile, said MCWD is taking measures to address the water woes.

“Within the next one to two years, naa tay program karon nga gibuhat to address sa atoang immediate nga water problem, so we are still to develop kaning mga groundwater sources,” said Maculinta.

MCWD requested the City Council to cooperate with them in maintaining the city’s groundwater source. — JMD (FREEMAN)


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