Illegal drug angle eyed Tata Negro’s bro killed, set on fire

CEBU, Philippines — The brother of slain drug lord “Tata Negro” Llaguno that the police tagged as a high-value target was shot and burned inside his house in the mountain barangay of Malubog, Cebu City dawn on Wednesday.

Witnesses said an estimated 30 to 40 men in masks killed Cary Llaguno.

Sonny Loredo, the father of Llaguno’s live-in partner, said he, his daughter, and three girls, lived at Llaguno’s house. They were sleeping Wednesday dawn when they were awakened by loud barking of the dog outside. He reportedly heard a commotion outside and heard someone say, “Ari mo diri, tuyok mo luyo (You come here, go around the back).”

Suddenly, the suspects barged into the house and, except for Llaguno, dragged everyone else outside. He still reportedly saw the suspects tie Llaguno up before the suspects covered his and his companions’ eyes with masks.

From outside, they heard gunshots from inside the house.

They found out later that the suspects had burned Llaguno’s house down with the man inside.

Loredo said Llaguno’s house used to stand at a secluded area in Barangay Malubog that even a motorcycle had difficulty accessing.

Police Captain Dexter Basirgo, chief of the Mabolo Police Station, confirmed Llaguno’s death.

“Confirmed nato nga patay si Llaguno, igsuon ni Tata Llaguno, usa ka drug personality sa Cebu City (We have confirmed that Llaguno’s was killed. He is the brother of Tata Llaguno, a drug personality in Cebu City),” he told The Freeman.

Llaguno’s sister who asked not to be named said Llaguno was also shot at near a water refilling station a month ago but he survived the attack. She said her brother had told her he did not know why he was targeted.

She said she has no idea who could have killed her brother this time.

Last July, authorities arrested Llaguno but released him eventually after clearing him of charges.

Basirgo said Llaguno was considered a high-value target but he had actually surrendered to the Cebu City Police Office.

He said they have not received reports that Llaguno was being picked up before he was supposed to be killed.

“Kami diri sa Mabolo, wala mi kadungog nga gi-pick up ni siya. Well, in fact, buntag na mi nasayod diri nga dunay gi-report nga dunay patay nga gisunog sa Malubog so, mao to, akong gi-direct akong mga investigator to proceed to the area to validate the report,” Basirgo said.

He said they are not discounting the possibility that Llaguno’s death may have something to do with the illegal drug trade.

“Siguro, ang involvement siguro sa illegal nga drugas ang motibo sa pagkamatay aning biktima (Maybe his involvement in the illegal drug has something to do with his death),” Basirgo said.

He said they will open an investigation into the killing to ascertain the motive and identify the suspects. Part of the investigation, he said, will be to check if Llaguno was in conflict with anyone before his death.

“Ug gisunog iyang balay, gipusil ug gidaoban sya, suko gyud kaayo na niya nang maong tawo. Naa gyuy kasuko sa iyaha… basin naa ni siyay nakalalis, nakaaway… panimaws ba (If his house was burned to the ground and he was shot and burned down with it, the suspects must have been really mad at him and wanted to retaliate),” Basirgo said. —  JMO (FREEMAN)



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