Our generation faces a tremendous challenge to rem…

Our generation faces a tremendous challenge to remain faithful and steadfast in the light of the threats and temptations of the 21st century. Changes to the moral landscape of society have at times overwhelmed the church into succumbing to a politically correct but unbiblical mindset that shies away from confrontation. Many have become man-pleasers instead of God-pleasers and this has caused the church to make a drastic and dangerous shift to pragmatism and even secularism.

How do we counter this and if we think further down the road, what is the future of the next generations? Will the church finally lose its grip on the Gospel and its biblical roots? We certainly hope not! But this means that we have our work cut out for us. The church has to intensify its discipleship efforts until it becomes both a conviction and a culture. Only in being intentional in our efforts in disciple-making can we safeguard aour generation and the future generations from a sure spiritual shipwreck. May we stand determined to fight the evils of our day and follow through with an earnest desire and passion to make sure that we will pass on the baton of biblical Christianity to our children and even our grandchildren.

— Pastor Mel Caparros

This is Living Word’s first ever Intentional Disciple Making Training! All glory to God!

#PassItOn #IDMT2019



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