When we as the people of God sing Psalm 2, we remi…

When we as the people of God sing Psalm 2, we
remind ourselves of how God made David and his
descendants to be kings, tasked with carrying out
God’s redemptive purposes in the world. In the face
of overwhelming opposition, this psalm exults in the
promises made to the Davidic king at his coronation.
With its prospect of a worldwide rule for the house
of David, this psalm also looks to the future, when
David’s ultimate heir, the Messiah, would indeed
accomplish this.

With the coming of the Messiah, this psalm’s
triumphant portrait of the Davidic throne takes on
heightened significance and finds its ultimate meaning. Believers today are the heirs of this psalm, and
its promises come to rest on the worldwide church
and its faith in the true and final Davidic heir, Jesus.
Those who take refuge in him have found the only
truly safe place in this broken world. Those who
persist in resisting God and his rule, even if they are
powerful “rulers of the earth,” will be finally defied
and justly destroyed.

Despite whatever tumults rock our lives today,
David’s greatest son, Jesus himself, has been installed
as the ruler of the world. One day this kingship will
break open in universal acknowledgment and the
universal execution of perfect justice. For now, we
can go forth in the glad assurance that in Jesus we
will one day leave behind forever the futility of the
present. Every injustice in our lives will be undone.

Take heart. We are on the right side.



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