30 motorists apprehended

Gabriel C. Bonjoc (The Freeman) – July 10, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Talisay City is not joking about its move to strengthen the implementation of its traffic laws, particularly its “no helmet, no driving” policy.

Yesterday, 30 motorists were apprehended in just three hours since personnel of the City of Talisay – Traffic Operation Development Authority (CT-TODA) hit the streets at 7 a.m., said office head Jonathan Tumulak.

Aside from those not wearing helmets, motorists who drove without a license were also apprehended. An 18-year-old man, for example, had to pay a P500 fine for driving without a license.

The traffic group also took into custody and impounded vehicles with malfunctioning exhaust pipes.

The enforcers even took into custody a tricycle that was used to sell bread because its driver did not have a license.

Tumulak said there were motorists who did not believe the campaign at first but other motorists also support it, especially that they believe it is for the welfare of the motorists themselves.

One of the supportive residents is Benson Hambre who had to step in for his cousin yesterday after the latter’s motorcycle was impounded. Hambre said he understands the move of the city government because it is meant to make traffic in the city flow smoother.

Talisay Mayor Gerald Anthony Gullas decided put his foot down on stricter enforcement of traffic laws in the city following an accident on June 27, 2019 when a motorcycle driver without a helmet died after colliding with another motorcycle at the South Road Properties.

The incident was caught on closed-circuit television camera.

The fine for not wearing a helmet in Talisay used to be just P300, an amount that Tumulak said many drivers who get caught can simply wave away.        

Tumulak said they are coordinating with the Land Transportation Office so that CT-TODA personnel can be given the power to issue a temporary operator’s permit and confiscate the driver’s license. —  JMO (FREEMAN)



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