Samsam tells employees to serve city faithfully

Samsam tells employees to serve city faithfully

Gabriel C. Bonjoc (The Freeman) – July 2, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Talisay City Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas has asked all city employees to be faithful with their job during yesterday’s turnover ceremony.

“Daghang tawo sa Talisay nga nagkagusto sa inyong trabaho o posisyon. Ako lang hangyo kaninyo nga unta inyong ihatag ang kinasing-kasing nga serbisyo,” Gullas said.

Gullas also conveyed the same request to all elected officials.

Yesterday’s oath taking and turnover ceremony was also attended by Cebu First District Representative Eduardo Gullas.

The younger Gullas said his administration would banner his Triple A strategy (Aksyon Agad sa Administrasyon).

He said his administration will immediately work on all the issues that would reach them.

Meanwhile, motorists should be expecting a stricter implementation of the traffic rules in the city.

Joy Tumulak, whom Gullas has recently appointed as the city’s traffic czar, said that it would be a huge challenge for him to improve the city’s traffic woes.

He said that he would need the cooperation of all motorists in order to solve the city’s traffic problem.

He added that the city’s and the province’s traffic rules should be implemented in order to see an improvement in the city streets.

In the coming days, those driving and riding motorcycles should already be wearing helmets.

He, however, said that the changes would also undergo consultations among all stakeholders. This includes dialogue with tricycle and trisikad drivers, who are also contributing to the city’s traffic.

Gullas had said that he has given Tumulak a free hand to solve the city’s traffic problem. (FREEMAN)


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