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For projects and equipment: 15 barangays get P5M each

For projects and equipment: 15 barangays get P5M each

CEBU, Philippines — Fifteen barangays in Cebu City will get P5 million each from the city government to implement their projects following approval from the City Council.

The 15 barangays are Agsungot, Buhisan, Carreta, Guadalupe, Kamputhaw, Lahug, Pahina Central, Pasil, Poblacion Pardo, Sambag 1, San Antonio, San Nicolas Proper, San Roque, Sapangdaku, and Sirao.

They are the first to submit proposals that were reviewed and endorsed by the Association of Barangay Councils.

The P75 million in total funds will be taken from the P400 million the city has appropriated as financial assistance to barangays under the general fund.

Barangay Agsungot will utilize the P5 million for the procurement of a water tanker for P2 million, patrol car for P1.350 million, school service for P800,00, and garbage truck for P850,000.

Barangay Buhisan will buy a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera for P1.5 million, portable handheld radio for P500,000, disaster equipment for P500,000, construction of perimeter fence and improvement of nature center and eco-park for P2.5 million.

The projects of Barangay Carreta include concreting of a basketball court, pathway and box culvert for P3.4 million and procurement of 600 monobloc chairs for P250,000; a sound system with 11 microphones for P175,000; four collapsible tents for P190,000; 30 monobloc tables for P165,000; a projector for P130,000; 30 handcuffs for P60,000; a medical chair for P25,000, an emergency lamp for P5,000; and fire hoses of different lengths and sizes – one for P175,000; two for P50,000; and two others for P30,000.

Barangay Guadalupe will use the P5 million to improve its Daycare Center and V. Rama Center for P3.643 million; to construct its drainage system for P450, 543.89; in concreting the parking area of the Ramon Duterte High School for P587, 335.45; and for fabrication and installation of safety railings in Sitio Tipoloville for P318,390.

Meanwhile, both Barangays Kaputhaw and Lahug will use the money to purchase two garbage trucks and complete the construction of their multi-purpose buildings.

Pahina Central will use the money to buy a CCTV camera worth P1.5 million, handheld radio worth P1 million, and for its drainage project for P2.5 million.

Barangay Pasil will buy an emergency response vehicle for P1.5 million; improve its water impounding system for P1.2 million; construct a feeding center for P1 million; improve its evacuation center for P800,000; and improve its day care center for P500,000.

Barangay Poblacion Pardo will purchase a six-wheeler dump truck for P2 million and wireless CCTV cameras for P1 million, and will repair the roof of its sports complex and install a sound system thereat for P350,000.

A deep well and water supply system will also be installed at Pardo Elementary School Extension for P200,000 while covered walks and railings will be built at schools for P300,000. The barangay will also buy a double cap type truck vehicle for peace and order worth P1.150 million.

Sambag I, for its part, will purchase a mini bus for P1.6 million; a service vehicle for peace and order for P1 million; medicine and medical equipment for P950,000; CCTV and accessories for P500,000; handheld radios and accessories for P300,000; barangay signages for P500,000; and water pump for P150,000.

San Antonio will buy a mini bus or coaster for P4.2 million; improve its multi-purpose building for P550,000; repair its CCTV cameras for P150,000; and put in place its computerization project with internet connectivity for P100,000.

Barangay San Nicolas will use the whole P5 million for the repair of its multi-purpose hall.

San Roque will utilize the money to buy CCTV cameras for P3 million and a bus for P2 million.

Sapangdaku will purchase a mini dump truck for P3 million, CCTV cameras and accessories for P1 million; and put a water project in place in Sitio Riverside for P1 million.

Barangay Sirao will use the money to construct an evacuation center.

The City Council authorized outgoing mayor Tomas Osmeña to enter and sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the barangays so that the funds will be disbursed. (FREEMAN)


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