DOLE to introduce advanced systems

Mitchelle L. Palaubsanon (The Freeman) – June 15, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — New systems are expected to be put in place at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-7, especially on the implementation and delivery of programs that require close monitoring.

DOLE Undersecretary Ana C. Dione, during her visit at DOLE-7 regional office the other day, said there is a need to make use of a system that will enable the agency not only hit its targets but also maintain the quality of service that’s being delivered to its clients.

Dione highlighted DOLE’s programs on Inspection, Alien Employment Permit (AEP), Single Entry Approach (SEnA) including the harmonization of schedule among all officials and personnel involved in the conduct of several activities, among others, as matters that should be taken cared of closely.

She said there are some tools that were proven effective, especially in the monitoring and rating of the performance of labor inspectors insofar as the inspection program is concerned, adding that the quality of work rendered by each one would always be different from just merely hitting the targets.

“These systems should be cascaded to the regional offices before the year ends. They are not perfect but they are working at the regional office level so it’s only but right to share what’s good to everyone,” Dione said in a statement released by DOLE-7.

Dione added that is important that they know how to take advantage of technology and incorporate it into their strategies and eventually into a system.

She hopes that all its regional offices to adopt these systems very soon to be able to help all of them perform despite their limited manpower and other constraints.

She, however, said that there are really systems that cannot be changed and that understanding them would help the regional offices, even the offices at the Central Office, to strategize properly.

DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome O. Siaton has welcomed the possible introduction of new systems.”It is important for the region to revisit how things are done and perhaps re-engineer the way its plans and commitments are being carried out,” Siaton said. — GAN (FREEMAN)



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