Binaliw landfill operator rectifying environment violations

Binaliw landfill operator rectifying environment violations

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – June 6, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  The operator of a private landfill in the mountain Barangay of Binaliw, Cebu City has started rectifying its environmental violations ahead of the scheduled technical conference with the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) tomorrow.

ARN Central Waste Management Inc. President Sherwin Santos said the company began addressing the notice of violations dated May 31 issued by EMB against the operator.

EMB said ARN violated the provision of the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System under Presidential Decree (PD) 1586.

The violations are related to garbage hauling and non-compliance of monitoring reports.

ARN also violated conditions of the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), which DENR issued on November 3, 2017.

EMB-7 Director William Cuñado, however, did not elaborate on the violated ECC conditions.

Santos said the notice of violations was not related to residents’ complaints of foul smell emanating from the landfill.

“I must emphasize that the said violations have nothing to do with the complaints originally raised. In fact, it was proven that our waste management methodology were compliant and in fact above standard,” he said.

To avoid foul odor and flies, he said, the landfill is regularly sprayed with deodorizer.

“We spray it with neutralizing solutions to arrest the foul odor generation and cover with soil afterwards. The entire surface is covered with soil eliminating exposure to elements, including insects and animals. It also guarantees that foul smell is not generated nor released,” Santos said.

Based on their initial investigation, Cuñado earlier said the operation of the landfill has not committed any serious violation that would warrant its suspension or closure of its operation.

Cuñado said what causes the foul smell is the mismanagement on the hauling operation of the garbage being delivered to the landfill.

He said the issue on the foul smell is not brought about by the landfill facility but the trucks that hauls the garbage to Binaliw.

He said the technical conference at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the regional office is set to reconcile the terms of garbage haulers and ARN.

“This will be reconciled in terms of garbage haulers and dumpsite operator (ARN) because this will cause obnoxious odor during transit,” he said.

Binaliw barangay council Sta. Ana Homeowner’s Association were also invited to the conference.

On May 27, the barangay council of Binaliw led by Councilwoman Daisy Ybañez filed a formal complaint against ARN before EMB-7.

The council cited five reasons, such as intolerable odor, reported increase of upper respiratory illness, misinterpretation of the utilization of the facility from MRF to sanitary landfill, and the non-issuance of the cease and desist order.

Santos said ARN will present its plans for landfill’s sustainability during the conference.

He said EMB-7 asked ARN to address the required dimensions of landfill’s access ways and the recommended size for composting pit.

“We are quite glad to finally rest the issue regarding the unfounded complaints (residents’ complaints). We are likewise thankful to EMB-7 for continuously helping us monitor our progress and ensure compliance at all times. Our collaborative efforts will surely result to responsible waste management and sustainable environmental protection,” he said. — KBQ (FREEMAN)


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