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Cebu City government workers: Performance evaluation set

Cebu City government workers: Performance evaluation set

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – May 28, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  Employees of the Cebu City government will undergo performance evaluation once Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella assumes as mayor on June 30.

The city has around 5,000 regular and casual workers.

Labella said he will create a committee that will review the performance of the workers – to check if they are efficient in their posts and if they have fulfilled their duties and responsibilities.

He said he wants to be fair in his decisions later on, as far as movements of employees are concerned, and a performance evaluation is the way to go.

“I will have to create a committee for that purpose because tan-awn gyud na nako ang each and every performance…so I have to really create a committee to look into these employees hired by the previous administration,” Labella said.

Most of the heads of the offices and departments at City Hall were appointed by Mayor Tomas Osmeña in 2016.

Osmeña, however, lost the mayorship to Labella in the May 2019 polls. Labella got 265,436 votes while Osmeña got 246,399 votes.

Labella said the evaluation committee will be composed of incoming City Administrator Floro Casas, Jr.; incoming chief of staff Mary Rose Salvatierra-Lubino; and incoming city attorney Rey Gealon.

After evaluating the workers, the committee will forward its recommendations to Labella.

“It’s up to the committee (other factors for the evaluation). They will make a recommendation and I will just have a final say,” Labella said.

He said he is willing to accommodate his loyal supporters to City Hall, as long as they are qualified for the job.


Labella said he will focus on the problem of garbage, flooding, and water conversation once he assumes as mayor.

“As I’ve said over and over again, short term solution for garbage and flooding. And, of course, I would immediately convene a committee that would look into the water problem especially now that the national government and the provincial government have both manifested their intention to work hand in hand with us solving the water problem in the city,” Labella said.

He also plans to call for a command conference with the police so that the city and the Cebu City Police Office can work hand in hand in the aspect of peace and order.

“We should be always working with one another, we should have a good working relationship to address the peace and order concern of the city and all other law enforcement agencies,” Labella said.

Osmeña has had a strained relationship with the police force, even accusing the cops of intimidating and harassing his political supporters and allies during the campaign period. (FREEMAN)


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