Northern brgys asked to help distribute water

Northern brgys asked to help distribute water

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – May 22, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu City Councilor David Tumulak is asking the northern barangays to help in the distribution of water to the barangays in the south district that are most affected by the scarcity of water due to the prevailing El Niño.

Tumulak said most of the barangays in the south district are experiencing water shortage.

“Na-notice nato nga nagka-anam gyud kadaghan ang mga affected barangays diri sa Cebu City south district labot sa supply sa tubig. Mao na nga nag-request ta sa mga barangays sa north nga motabang sila sa pag-distribute og tubig diri sa south district,” he told reporters yesterday. (We have noticed that the number of barangays experiencing water shortage in the south district has increased, so we are requesting the northern barangays to help us in the water rationing)

As of May 21, the Metro Cebu Water District recorded 23 areas affected. These include Mambaling, Capitol Site, Punta Princesa, Tisa, Sambag 1, Sambag 2, Calamba, Basak Pardo, Banawa, V. Rama, Guadalupe, Labangon, Tres de Abril, B. Rodriguez, Basak San Nicolas, Duljo Fatima, Englis, Sawang Calero, Pasil, San Nicolas Proper, Ramos St., D. Jakosalem St., San Antonio and Kamagayan.

Using tankers, the city government distributes water in these areas from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to avoid traffic congestion. The people in the city began experiencing water shortage last April due to the El Niño.

Tumulak said the city is currently assisted by Barangays Basak Pardo and Labangon in the distribution of water.

“Ang ubang barangays affected man sad sila sama sa Tisa and Punta Princesa affected napud karon. So dili na sila ka-distribute sa laing barangays. Maong mangayo ta og tabang sa ubang barangays,” he said.

Tumulak also asked MCWD to rent water tankers to augment the fire trucks that are currently being used for water distribution.

“Nag-request ta sa MCWD nga moabang sila og water tankers nga makatabang pud aning mga panimalay nga walay agas hangtod karon,” Tumulak said.

MCWD spokesperson Charmaine Rodriguez Kara said the water tankers they rented are yet to be delivered. — FPL (FREEMAN)


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