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Davide: Gwen’s letter offensive

Davide: Gwen’s letter offensive

May B. Miasco (The Freeman) – May 21, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Outgoing Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III admitted to being insulted by governor-elect Gwendolyn Garcia’s reminders for him to refrain from making “midnight” deals and appointments in the remainder of his term.

Davide said the letter Garcia sent him is offensive because he is not doing what she is warning him about in the first place.

“Na-insulto ta ani uy. Gihilasan ko. Gihilasan ko sa suwat. Dili man unta necessary ini… This is not necessary because we already have a transition team. Ang tenor sa letter kay hilas kaayo. She doesn’t need to remind me because I know what I am doing (I find this insulting. I find it arrogant. This is not necessary because we already have a transition team. The tenor of the letter is arrogant. She doesn’t need to remind me because I know what I’m doing),” he told reporters.

Garcia’s lawyers brought her letter to Davide personally yesterday.

The letter reads: “I write in connection with Department of the Interior and Local Government Memorandum Circular No. 2019-39 dated March 13, 2019, which mandates all outgoing local government administrations to prepare an effective turnover of responsibilities to incoming administrations to ensure continuity in local governance on June 30, 2019.”

“In addition to the clear and unequivocal directives contained in the said DILG Memorandum Circular, I wish to convey the following reminders to the outgoing provincial administration: (1) refrain from issuing midnight appointments pursuant to existing laws, rules, and regulations; (2) refrain from entering into midnight deals, contracts, and transactions that are prescribed under laws, rules and regulations… I am serving notice that any appointment or deals, contracts or transactions entered into during the transition period will not be honored by me,” it reads further.

Last April 3, Davide issued an executive order that created a transition team he himself is heading.

He said he is insulted by the letter because he never wrote anything to Garcia to this effect when he took over the governorship from her in 2013.

“When I sat as governor in 2013, wala man ko nisuwat niya. I thought she is aware. There is always proper turnover. This is not necessary for her to remind me. Nahibawo na ta ini. This (midnight deals and appointments) is not the practice of the administration,” Davide said.

Davide will slide down to vice governor after he stepped back for outgoing Vice Governor Agnes Magpale in the governorship in the recent elections. Magpale, however, lost to Garcia with a wide margin of votes.

As vice governor, Davide will focus on legislative work and preside over the Provincial Board. The last time he did legislative work was when he was councilor in Cebu City.

The incoming Provincial Board is composed largely of Garcia’s allies.

Davide said he will not block projects and programs of the administration that will go through PB scrutiny, as long as these will benefit the province.

“I hope we would come to an agreement to the projects and programs of the governor puhon nga makaayo sa Sugbuanon. I will not be an obstructionist. I will cooperate sa mga programa ni Governor Garcia puhon nga makaayo sa Sugbo ug sa Sugbuanon ,” he said.

“Dili man ta makig-away. Dili man sad ko mangita og away. Dili man ko palaaway… Dili man ko makig-away og babaye (I don’t want to fight. I don’t look for fights. I won’t fight a woman),” he added. (FREEMAN)


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