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700 thousand ballots expected to arrive Monday

700 thousand ballots expected to arrive Monday

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – May 4, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — At least 700,000 ballots will be stored at the Cebu City Treasurer’s Office for the May 13 elections.

Acting City Treasurer Arlene Rentuza said that the ballots and other supplies for the upcoming polls are under the custody of her office.  She said there would be cops who would be deployed to secure the area.

“Nagpahimo mi og “No Entry” sa places asa namo gibutang.  The police have also been informed, so part man na sa ilahang trabaho. We already had a meeting about the security,” Rentuza said yesterday.

The ballots, which were expected to be in the city yesterday, were not delivered as scheduled.

Commission on Elections-Cebu City South District Election Officer Marchel Sarno said the delivery of ballots was postponed due to the lack of transportation papers from Manila.

“Naa pa’y papers gipaabot sa transportation from Manila. Dili ko kasiguro if naa na sa hub,” he said.

But Sarno is confident that it will be delivered as soon as possible, considering that the election is so near.

Rentuza received the same information regarding the delivery of ballots, adding she expects that it will be delivered on Monday.

“Wala pa gyud. Likely sa Monday na gyud. (Lacking ang) documents that were needed for the release according to LBC (courier),” she said.

Once the materials arrive, these items will be properly received that will be attended by the poll body, CTO, police authorities and other stakeholders.

“Mo come in rana ang responsibilities sa CTO inig deliver sa ballots. Ballots raman guro ang i-deliver kay ang VCM (Vote Counting Machine) naa naman tanan,” Sarno said.

Rentuza said they will be distributing the election paraphernalia to the electoral board members on May 11.

The electoral board members were already informed of the schedule of the distribution.

“Well, earlier nadawat na namo ang supplies nila (Comelec), folders, metal seal, naa na. Giandam na for all the precincts, kami ang gi-task to distribute to the teachers nga mo-serve sa election on May 11,” she said. — GAN (FREEMAN)


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