Garma: COSAP is “politicized”

Garma: COSAP is “politicized”

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu City Police Office Director Royina Garma has accused the Cebu City Office Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP) office of being “politicized,” following a report that 11 residents from Barangay Agsungot were tagged as drug surrenderers.

“Pati na ang COSAP, napulitika,” Garma said in a press briefing yesterday.

COSAP chairperson Garry Lao denied Garma’s allegations that the office has already been politicized.

“COSAP’s efforts have been geared for prevention of substance abuse and the rehabilitation of surrenderers.  We have delivered on our tasks without political considerations or color.  We believe that the drug problem transcends politics.  That is why we defend with fervor the dignity of the office against people or agencies that would like to use us in their propaganda for whatever reason.  Let the police do their job and I do mine, kay lain-lain man gud mi ug function,” Lao said.

Garma said that the only list the Philippine National Police has is the drug watchlist, which is selected after careful validation from the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC).

She said that a BADAC is composed of local officials from the barangay, academe, church, among others, while the PNP sits-in as an honorary member to the holistic approach against illegal drugs.

“Alam ba niya (Lao) kung ano ang BADAC list? Alam mo ba ang next source ng BADAC list? Yun lang muna ang tanong. Your request is not for us, it should be for the Barangay Captain. Meron kaming list from Talamban police station, pero ang list ay list galing sa barangay (through BADAC) composed of the barangay captain, representative sa academe, church,” Garma said.

She added that the BADAC list came from the barangay, which in turn will relay it to the police station.

“Sila ang nagbibigay based sa information sa constituents nila. Ang list nila ibibigay nila yan sa pulis, hihingin namin para tutukan and bantayan. At least may tutumbukin kami,” she said.

Garma said that from the BADAC list, they will validate if this person is using or selling illegal drugs.

If the targets showed a positive outcome, they will then conduct a buy-bust or apply for a search warrant.

“Yung list na yan, diyan kami nag-start, dapat bantayan kaya nga watchlist. I-validate and kapag totoo nga, ililipat namin ang pangalan sa target list for search warrant or buy bust,” she said.

Garma said if the 11 residents came to the police station, they would have been accommodated and given advice.

She said it is possible that a person can be delisted as a drug surrenderer, but it has to be coursed through the barangay since their list also comes from the barangay. (FREEMAN)


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