LTFRB to do roadside inspections of buses

LTFRB to do roadside inspections of buses

CEBU, Philippines —  The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) warned all bus operators and drivers that there will be street side inspection during the observance of Holy Week to ensure traffic laws, especially the “no standing policy”, will be observed.

In an interview, LTFRB-7 Director Eduardo Montealto Jr. said there are several teams deployed in the region to inspect and check if buses, public utility vehicles, and other modes of public transportation are following traffic rules.

“Mao na among gihangyo nga ang passengers nga dili nalang mamugos kay panaogon gyud na namo while among penalty-han ang violator,” he said.

If there are no seats available, Montealto said commuters should wait for the other buses because standing inside the buses is prohibited and inspectors will let them get off the bus.

For the first offense, violators will be asked to pay P5,000 as fine while P10,000 will be for second offenders. For the third offense, there is a possibility that the franchise will be suspended or cancelled.

While acknowledging the need of the public to go home to their respective hometowns, he said the government cannot compromise the safety of the riding public.

During the early weeks of operation, Montealto said LTFRB personnel have apprehended two colorum vans and one overloading public utility jeepneys.

Even on Holy Week, he said there will be random roadside inspection to ensure the safety of the commuters and the riding public.

On top of the regular buses plying to the south and north of Cebu province, he said the board has granted 75 special permits for buses to ply to other routes which are not part of their original route.

“Pag inspect palang sa terminals, ato nang gikuha ang benches, lingkoranan, para dili mag overload sila. Unya sa unahan, kon pasakay sila, naa pod HPG ug enforcers naglibot ug apil LGU nga PNP ug traffic aides sa kalsada, kon masakpan sila, i-turn over sila sa amoa ang ilang mga violations,” Montealto said. (At the terminal, we confiscated benches and chairs to avoid overloading.  Policemen and enforcers are also deployed to inspect and if they are caught, violators are turned over to us.)

There are also operations against colorum taxi, vans, and public utility jeepneys that will traverse outside of their original routes, he said.

Aside from that, Montealto said there are also operations against taxi drivers who will refuse passengers of a ride and taxi drivers who will allow taxi for rent without special permit.   —   MBG (FREEMAN)


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