City dad wants more tanod, police visibility

City dad wants more tanod, police visibility

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – April 13, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Following to the shooting incident in Barangay Cogon Central Ramos, Cebu City, Councilor David Tumulak requested the barangay tanods and the PNP to conduct foot patrol regularly in order to deter crimes.

Tumulak, who sits as the chairman of the public order and safety committee in the City Council, called the attention of the barangay tanods and policemen to be at the forefront of maintaining peace and order.

“Atong gihangyo ang mga barangay tanods ug mga kapolisan sa pag-conduct og foot patrol, police presence sa major thoroughfares sa kabarangayan para malikayan ang kasamok,” he said yesterday.

Last Thursday dawn, a shooting incident occurred at a coffee shop along F. Ramos Street in Cebu City, where the managing owner John Michael Hermoso was killed.

Tumulak also asked the business establishments to comply with the existing city ordinance requiring the installation of Closed Circuit Television cameras to help in the speedy resolution to any possible crime.

Despite the said ordinance, there are still business firms that do not have security cameras.

“Magdasig ta sa mga business establishments nga mosunod ta sa atoang city ordinance pag-require nila to put CCTV cameras for possible identification of shooters,” Tumulak said.

The ordinance requires all existing business establishments and even recreational facilities in the city to put up security cameras.

In a separate interview, councilor Joel Garganera, chairman of the Police Advisory Council, said CCTV cameras of businesses should have good quality to easily identify the person or persons captured on video.

“What’s the use of CCTV camera unya dili nimo magamit, it’s either…it’s just there for fixture nga not functioning. If it’s functioning, you cannot identify the suspect because of the quality of the camera,” he said.

Garganera said when he asked for the number of CCTV cameras still functional last year, only half of the number is operating well.

That is why he is planning to amend the existing ordinance by giving specifications on the quality of the security cameras.

Garganera said that establishments along the area should coordinate with each other for the police authorities to easily identify suspects.

Under the ordinance, the Business Permit and Licensing Office of the City Treasurer’s Office is tasked to inspect business establishments.

A specially-designed sticker shall be posted by the inspection team as an indication that they complied with the ordinance.

As for the penalty provisions a fine amounting to P2,000 will be imposed for the first offense, P3,000 for the second offense, and P5,000 for the third offense. — BRP (FREEMAN)


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