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Private sector urged: Help in fight vs drugs

Private sector urged: Help in fight vs drugs

CEBU, Philippines — In compliance with Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has asked the business establishments in Cebu City to actively participate in suppressing illegal drugs in the community.

PDEA-7 director Wardley Getalla has started informing the private sectors the implementation of drug-free workplace.

To achieve this, he said the management should educate the employees the bad effects of prohibited drugs.

Other than that, the employees should know how to detect illegal drugs so that they can deter possible drug trading activities in their respective establishments.

“At ang conduct of random drug test sa mga personnel, they should at least conduct drug test every year and rehabilitation and treatment kapag may nagpositive sa personnel.  At meron din, monitoring and evaluation, meaning to say continuous ang drug-free workplace, continuous ang programs against drugs,” Getalla said.

Getalla was the speaker on this matter during the first quarter meeting of Cebu City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) where numerous hotel, motel, and bar owners were present.

He said PDEA wants to intensify the implementation of drug-free workplace following earlier reports that establishments are used as drug dens.

Last February 2019, PDEA national office started to intensify this policy in various parts of the country.

“Nagkaroon tayo ng report and maraming tayong seizures involving drug activities inside hotels, motels, condominiums, as well as bars. So we think, we should also put emphasis on the drug-free workplace in private industries not only to keep their employees from drug abuse or drug use but also to have an education and advocacy program from PDEA,” Getalla said.

He said the city government should set stiffer penalties to those business establishments that are not compliant in order for efficient implementation.

Further, Getalla said the city government can start enforcing this as long as everything was in place already.

“We are proposing not only in Cebu City but in Mandaue City and also in Lapu-Lapu and some other cities to encourage every private industry in their localities to comply with this drug-free workplace policy as stated RA 9165. This is not only for their own company, ito rin yung social responsibility to deter flags of illegal drugs. I-report sa authorities kung merong suspected drug personalities,” he said.

In a separate interview, Liga ng mga Barangay-Cebu City Chapter President, Kasambagan village chief Franklyn Ong said he wants to discuss further as to the implementation of drug-free workplace in the business establishments with PDEA and other concerned agencies so that they can enforce it well in the future.

Ong said this is a good move of PDEA to suppress illegal drugs by asking the participation of private sectors.

“First, I have to discuss with Garry Lao (CADAC co-chairman) regarding the present ordinances or resolutions nga nahimo na sauna. But for me, that’s also a very good move nga to involve gyud in terms of drug free workplace awareness ang private sectors,” he said.

In their next meeting, Ong wants to invite the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) to hear their opinion on this matter.

CADAC co-chairman, Garry Lao said after the business establishments, they are also planning to meet the security agencies. (FREEMAN)


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