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Today’s Scripture: Psalm 119:12
“Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!”

Along with an attitude of diligence in approaching God’s Word, we also need an attitude of dependence, as is expressed in Proverbs 2:3: “Call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding.” This is an almost-desperate sense of dependence, an attitude far different from a more usual perfunctory prayer for God to teach us as we begin our weekly Bible study.

Do we really believe we’re dependent on the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding, or do we actually depend on our own intellectual ability in our study of Scripture? I suspect that many of us, while giving lip service to dependence on the Spirit, actually depend on our own intellect.

It’s difficult to maintain an attitude of both diligence and dependence, but we must do this if we want to learn from the Holy Spirit. He does not reward either indolence or sinful self-confidence. He does bless diligence when it’s pursued in a sincere attitude of dependence on him. What we’re talking about here is not just acquiring more knowledge of biblical truth, but rather developing Bible-based convictions by which we are to live.

Unfortunately, too many Christians seem to approach Bible study in the same way they would approach more academic subjects. When we do this, we’re more apt to become proud over our “superior” knowledge of biblical truth than humbled over our lack of obedience to what Scripture teaches. We should pray for knowledge of truth that will change our lives rather than simply inform our minds. We need to pray with the psalmist, “Teach me, o Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end” (Psalm 119:33).

Source: Your Holiness Day by Day | A Devotional by Jerry Bridges


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