Inayawan captain eyes raps vs regional police top brass

CEBU, Philippines — The barangay captain of Inayawan, Cebu City is planning to file a case against Police Regional Office-7 director Police Brigadier General Debold Sinas for allegedly defaming him publicly.


Barangay Captain Kirk Bryan Repollo said he already got a go signal from Mayor Tomas Osmeña to file legal action against Sinas.

“RD Sinas, prepare your counter-affidavit because he made it through a press conference, oral defamation or even grave threats,” he said.

Last Monday, Sinas ordered a background investigation on Repollo for his alleged refusal to host a satellite office of Pardo Police Station (Police Station 7) in his barangay.

At the press conference yesterday, Repollo denied the statement of Sinas that he is against the construction of the police station in his area.

He explained that since he assumed office last July 2018, he kept on negotiating with the Philippine National Police (PNP) about it since there are concerns from his constituents that the location of the proposed satellite office can cause traffic congestion.

That is why he proposed for an alternative location which is 20 meters away from the original site. The original site is situated in front of the barangay hall.

The alternative site is located at the back of the barangay hall which is previously utilized as a public playground.

Repollo said he had a dialogue with Cebu City Police Office director Senior Supt. Royina Garma last August 23 2018 that they need to transfer the location of the project since residents have been complaining that the original location is within the road right of way.

In the middle of the press conference, he showed copies of letter he sent to Sinas on the proposed alternative lot, attached with a draft of Deed of Exchange of donated property and Deed of Acceptance dated November 26, 2018 and February 15, 2019.

On December 12, 2018, Sinas responded to the letter of Repollo detailing that the alternative lot is “onerous” unlike the donation of the original lot, adding that the budget for the construction has been approved.

“In order to avoid future legal complications, we are constrained to continue on our original plan to construct the project of the land that has been donated to us,” a portion of Sinas’ letter read.

Repollo considered it as a political harassment against him since he is affiliated with Osmena.

“Whatever we call it, as we can see, PNP’s inclination is not in the present city’s administration. Whatever term we may use, but what I can say the inclination of the present PNP in Cebu City is not with Tommy Osmeña.  It’s not with the people behind with Tommy Osmeña,” he said.

Repollo is vying for a councilor seat under the local party of Osmeña, Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan for the 2019 midterm polls.

He is willing to cooperate with the investigation call of Sinas just to clear the issue that he may be involved in illegal activities.

“I challenge them, bring it on. You investigate me. Basta sabot lang ta ninyo RD Sinas, Chief Garma ug bisan moapil paka Councilor Joel Garganera, whatever information inyohang makuha nako, be transparent.

Show it to the public, show everything. To be fair and square,” Repollo said.

He will also file two counts of cyber libel complaint against Garganera for posting baseless allegations against him on social media.

Garganera, in a Facebook post, said the mayor stopped the construction of the station “for reasons only him and the present barangay captain can explain.”

In a separate interview, Garganera is willing to answer the complaint that will be filed by Repollo against him.

He said Repollo should not implicate the issue to politics since it is a peace and order concern.

“Don’t inject politics there, I don’t vote there, I cannot be voted by people living in the area…Right now I’m the Chairman sa Cebu City Police Advisory Council which is also one of our primordial concern, the state of our police station so never inject politics in there ikaw ray sige’g inject,” Garganera said.

On the other hand, Sinas vowed to report to tell President Rodrigo Duterte and to Secretary of Interior and Local Government Eduardo Año that Repollo is a “detractor in the war against drugs.”

“Because the new station would have supposedly been enjoyed by cops and perform better,” Sinas said in press conference yesterday.

Sinas is also planning to file a case against Repollo following the demolition of the fence around the construction site.

He said they will be discussing with the contractor if there had been any violations made.

Sinas said that the construction which is meant to better police the area has been politicized.

“Wala man mi labot if ang nagdonate kontra niya or unsa diha. Iya na gyud na gipulitika,” Sinas said.  (We don’t care if the one donated is his opponent.  He made it politicized.)

Sinas said that Inayawan has become the latest problem after Talisay City.

He said that after they focused operating in Talisay City since July, volume of illegal drugs seized has reduced.  However, the drug problem spilled over to Barangay Inayawan.

“Kung tan-awon mas problema na ang Inayawan it has to do with our intensified operations in Mandaue and Talisay City. And we think, that the drug personalities found an opportunity to distribute illegal drugs in Inayawan – maybe because barangay officials are lenient,” Sinas said.

He added that it shows Repollo’s failure in monitoring the problem of illegal drugs.

“He failed to do his job as the barangay captain, that’s why. It’s not a failure on our part,” Sinas said firmly.

Sinas maintained that they have a copy of the deed of donation and it was a done deal.

PRO-7 refused Repollo’s offer to transfer the site for the new police since it was a recommendation done unilaterally without the consent of other local officials.

 He said that what Repollo did is an insult to the PNP. — Mae Clydyl L. Avila MBG (FREEMAN)


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