Cebu vet office prepares for El Niño

Cebu vet office prepares for El Niño

May B. Miasco (The Freeman) – March 5, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — The Cebu Provincial Veterinarian’s Office readies its resources and funds for the possible adverse impact of the weak El Niño to livestock and other farm animals.

Dr. Mary Rose Vincoy, provincial veterinarian of Cebu, said Capitol officers are coordinating closely with the livestock coordinators in different towns and component cities through meetings.

“So far, there is still no report from them (on the effects of the hot weather to livestock but) we are preparing for it… we are aware that there is an imminent threat with (the presence of) the El Niño,” she told reporters on Monday.

The weather bureau earlier announced the presence of the weak El Niño in the tropical Pacific, warning the public of its effect to the country such as scarce rains and warmer temperature.

She said the office can assist farmers by providing logistical support which has been procured earlier such as vitamins or feeds for the affected livestock.

She said the office has an available budget of around P7 million to P10 million.

Vincoy said the provincial veterinarian’s office has submitted a proposal to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) on what interventions the offices can make to help farmers.

She explained that the provincial veterinarian’s office is focused on implementing preventive and preparatory measures to ease the impact of the weak El Niño to the livestock.

While the PDRRMO can intervene in providing response or relief assistance, she said.

She said part of the plan is to conduct veterinary missions to communities whose livestock are affected by El Niño.

She added the province can augment what the city or municipal agricultural office can provide such as the giving out of vitamins or minerals for the livestock for them to avoid heat stress.

Vincoy said the office may also conduct awareness seminars to the farmers whose lands or livestock are seemingly dried up or dehydrated because of warm weather.

Moreover, she encouraged farmers to enroll with the provincial government’s Livestock Insurance Program so that their livestock can be covered if in case these farm animals will feel ill or die due to intense heat.

She said the city and municipal agriculturists or the livestock coordinators should also be proactive in engaging the farmers to enroll in the program.

“The enrolment rate will always depend on how active the local agriculturists are and the livestock coordinator. Here at the Capitol, we will just wait on the endorsement of the local government units before we can process their claims,” she said.

Vincoy urged farmers to seek help from their respective Municipal Agricultural Office if in case their livestock or cattle are feeling ill. (FREEMAN)


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