Kids of slain tanod, wife cry for justice

Kids of slain tanod, wife cry for justice

Odessa O. Leyson (The Freeman) – March 4, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — The family of the couple who died during a police operation in Barangay Lusaran, Cebu City cries for justice as they were laid to rest at Cambinocot Public Cemetery yesterday.

Renato Goc-ong, a barangay tanod, and his wife, Emma, were among those who died during the Synchronized Enhanced Managing Police Operations (SEMPO) of the police last week.

Their son, Renato Jr., questioned why his father was included in the recent operation of the police.

He believes that his father was not involved in any illegal activities saying they are living a peaceful life.

“Kami pobre mi nga pamilya. Kana si papa wala’y gitamakan nga tawo. Og nganong naabot ni nila? Kami namuyo rami og tarong, ngano nahitabo man tawn ni nila uy?” Renato Jr.  said. (We are a poor family and we are living peaceful.  Papa has not offended anyone.  Why did this happen to us?)

With the sudden death of his parents, he admitted that they will be having a hard time to recover from the pain.

“Ingon sila nga dawaton ninyo (nahitabo). Sayon kaayo para ninyo pero lisod kaayo para sa amoa. Ingon sila padayona ang imohang pag eskwela.  Kinsa pa ang modawat sa akoang diploma?” he added.  (They told us to accept what happened.  It’s easier said than done.  They told us to continue my studies but who will receive my diploma?)

Rena Mae, the daughter of the couple, asked for forgiveness that she was not able to do anything to save the lives of their parents.

“Tan-awa ang ilahang kahimtang ron, grabe kaayo. Wala man sila’y kaluoy. Gikuhaan mi og katungod nga mabuo pa ang amoang pamilya,” Rena Mae said. (Look what they have done?  They have no heart.  They deprived us of the right to have a family.)

Rena Mae condemned the actions of police because she felt that his father was “brutally” killed.

To recall, police authorities served a search warrant against Renato for loose firearms but Emma reportedly barred the cops from entering their house.

The operation team tried to negotiate but they failed so they decided to break into the house.

Renato and Emma allegedly fired shots at the police which prompted them to fire back resulting in the death of the couple.

In a separate interview, Cebu City Councilor Margarita Osmeña assured to give assistance to the family of Renato.

“Sakit man kaayo ang nahitabo sa ilaha. Whatever is needed that we can give, we will give. Unsa’y gikinahanglan sa mga bata, labi na sa mga bata nga wala na’y mga mama ug papa,” she said.  (What happened was very painful…We will help especially the children who lost their parents.)

She hopes that the children would still see hope in life despite losing their parents.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Margot attended the requiem mass together with other city officials including councilors Alvin Arcilla and Sisinio Andales.

North District Representative Raul Del Mar was also present.

Aside from the couple, the other slain barangay tanod, Reynaldo Laguna was also laid to rest yesterday.  (FREEMAN)


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