3 killed in separate shootings

3 killed in separate shootings

CEBU, Philippines — In less than 24 hours since Thursday evening, three people were killed while one survived in different shooting incidents across Cebu province.


Roland Ardiente, 39, a resident of Barangay Busay, Cebu City, had just come from buying milk for his baby before 10 p.m. Thursday. He did not reach home.

According to Senior Police Officer Antonio Din, investigator at Mabolo Police Station, an unidentified man shot Ardiente shortly after disembarking from his motorcycle.

He was hit in the chest and left arm, which led to his death.

Witnesses told The FREEMAN that Ardiente still managed to say to his gunman, “Ayaw, bay (Don’t do this, my friend).”

Din said they are looking at personal grudge as initial motive to the killing, adding that they will deepen investigation to check the victim’s background.

At the crime scene, investigators were unable to retrieve the shells of the bullets that hit Ardiente. However, it was believed that the gunman used a .38 caliber pistol based on the live bullet found near the scene, which may have dropped from the gun during the commotion.

In Lapu-Lapu City, a 40-year-old vendor who also worked as a tour guide was shot dead by unidentified assailant right in front of a five-star hotel resort in Barangay Maribago yesterday morning.

Police said that the victim, identified as Mattranillo Baring, a resident of Barangay Soong, was previously jailed for an undetermined charge.

Initial police investigation revealed that Baring was waiting for potential clients to his “hupo-hupo” or tour guiding activity when he was shot by motorcycle-riding gunman.

Authorities recovered eight empty shells and four deformed slugs from a .45 caliber pistol at the crime scene.

They have also requested copy of CCTV footage from a nearby establishment to shed some light into the shooting.

The family of Baring told the police they had no clues about why he was gunned down.

Police will launch a deeper probe into his death.

Meanwhile, a certain Bonifacio Villajanan, alias “Boy,” resident of Sitio Sayaw, Barangay Mabasa, Argao town in southern Cebu, was also shot dead by an unknown perpetrator on Thursday night.

Villajanan attended a merrymaking in Barangay Sua, where he was killed by his assailant.

Police are considering personal grudge among the angles in their investigation.

Finally, another shooting incident happened at 1:40 p.m. yesterday under the Marcelo Fernan Bridge in Sitio San Roque, Barangay Pusok, still in Lapu-Lapu City.

The victim was identified as Mikael Fernandez, alias “Tambok,” who works as a construction worker in the area but resides in Sitio Sto. Niño, Barangay Pasil in Cebu City.

Fernandez was reportedly painting a fence when two men, who were wearing full-faced masks and on board a motorcycle, shot him three times.

Police said Fernandez, who was identified by his co-workers, was lucky enough to sustain only a graze in the right cheek.

When authorities arrived, both the victim and the suspects had already fled the scene.

P/CM Sgt. Roberto Pepito of Lapu-Lapu City Station 5 said that the two shooting incidents – in Maribago and in Pusok – did not seem related to each other.  — Micole Gerard J. Tizon, USC Intern JMD (FREEMAN)



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