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Former tanod faces two counts of murder

Former tanod faces two counts of murder

Mylen P. Manto (The Freeman) – February 4, 2019 – 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — A former barangay tanod of Barangay Ermita is now facing murder charges after being accused of killing a neighbor and the neighbor’s son.

Fernando Cuervo, also known as “Toti,” a resident of Sitio Barracks, Barangay Ermita, Cebu City, is charged before the Regional Trial Court in Cebu City for two counts of murder, a non-bailable offense, for the death of Bienvenido Rosada and Roberto Rosada on March 9, 2017.

In her complaint, Jovilyn Rosada alleged while she was collecting payments of debts in Sitio Ermita Proper, she was informed that her husband Bienvenido and their son, Roberto, had been shot while they were eating breakfast in an eatery.

She went to the hospital where her husband was brought but he was declared dead on arrival. Earlier, her son had also been declared dead on the spot by the responding emergency medical personnel.

Jovilyn said that she learned from her daughter-in-law Gretyl Villegas that it was Cuervo who shot her husband and son at about 7:50 a.m. before leaving the crime scene.

Jovilyn further said that prior to the death of her husband, he confided to her that Cuervo threatened to kill him after a heated argument ensued between them over street parking in their area.

Villegas also executed an affidavit affirming the statement of Jovilyn.

Associate Prosecutor Sarah Vanessa Lacno issued a subpoena dated August 23, 2018 directing Cuervo to submit his counter-affidavit to answer the accusations filed against him, but he failed to do so and the complaint was submitted for resolution.

Lacno said she found probable cause to believe murder had been committed and that Cuervo is probably guilty and should be held for trial.

“The killing appeared to have been premeditated by the respondent, and the manner he attacked the deceased suggests also that he perpetrated the acts with treachery,” the resolution read. (FREEMAN)


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