Dad in Sambag 1 shooting hit by own son – lawyer

Dad in Sambag 1 shooting hit by own son – lawyer

CEBU, Philippines — The father who died in a shooting incident on January 21 in Barangay Sambag 1 was shot by his own son.

Lawyer Virgilio Ligutan, one of the legal counsels of Vincent Navales, claimed that Edwin Bacaltos was hit by the shot fired by his own son, Michael.

“It is unfortunate, but we claim, we can confirm, that it was Michael Bacaltos who shot his father Edwin Bacaltos. Michael Bacaltos picked up the gun nabuhian ni Vanzant. Edwin shot Vanzant. He fell down. Paspas nga gi-pick up ni Michael na nabuhian ni Vanzant. That’s why si Michael nakapabuto og daghan, naigo iya papa and Vincent,” Ligutan said. (Edwin shot Vanzant.  He fell down and lost grip of the gun he was holding.  Edwin picked the gun, fired several shots hitting his father and Vincent.)

Ligutan claimed that Vincent was a victim amid public persecution labeling him as one of the attackers in the death of Edwin, 58, and his other son, Shaun, 22.

Ligutan with fellow lawyers Jigo Dacua and Ryan Gabuya, in a press conference yesterday, issued a statement on behalf of the Navales family for the first time.

Ligutan revealed that on January 20, Vanzant received a private message from Michael saying “Bayot Ka.”

Vanzant tried calling Michael but the latter ignored his calls.

On Monday morning, provoked by the message, Vanzant who was armed went to the Bacaltos residence in Sambag 1 to confront Michael.

However, it was Edwin who went out to face Vanzant. Edwin had a KG-9 automatic gun.

Ligutan claimed Vanzant retreated and was in a “defensive mode” upon seeing Edwin.

However, Edwin fired his gun and shot Vanzant causing his instantaneous death.

Ligutan added Vanzant was able to return fire but was hit by the gunshots coming from Edwin.

Then, Shaun got out of the house but was also shot.

When Michael got out, he took Vanzant’s gun and opened fire.

Ligutan claim the firearm Michael used also hit Edwin but he did not confirm if it was the cause of Edwin’s death.

He added that Vincent, based on the photos they have, never got a hold of a firearm.

He also said that it was only Vanzant who carried a gun during the incident.

Ligutan said that they are ready to bring the case to court, adding that Vincent should have not been charged with murder.

Ligutan confirmed that the two families have a history of a long feud because of a woman.

However, he did not confirm that there is also business rivalry between the two camps.

Ligutan said Vincent is still recuperating and his whereabouts are kept confidential.

Vincent hopes that the public will not persecute him as he is also a victim.

“Vincent and Vanzant are victims of the circumstances that led to that crime. Vincent should have not been charged. How can an elder brother, who went there to pacify and in the process getting hit, be charged with murder? That is unfair. He did not get hold of any gun. He did not fire a single shot,” Ligutan said. (FREEMAN)


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